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This map shows the general distribution of intensities for the earthquake. Data received are collected into squares of 5 x 5 km, and an intensity is assigned on the basis of the general level of shaking observed within that square, provided there are enough observations. The pin position shows the centre of each square; the colour of the pin shows the level of shaking in the 25 sq km north-east of the pin.

The meanings of the colours are as follows:

  • Black - intensity 1 (not felt). Only negative reports received.
  • White - felt. Some felt reports have been received, but not enough to assess intensity.
  • Blue - intensity 2. The shaking was very weak and only felt in very favourable circumstances.
  • Green - intensity 3. The shaking was weak, and felt by a few people indoors.
  • Yellow - intensity 4. The shaking was generally noticeable indoors, enough to make things rattle.
  • Orange - intensity 5. The shaking was strongly felt and small objects were displaced.
  • Red - intensity 6. Slight damage to buildings, e.g. fine cracks in plaster.

Hover your mouse over a pin to see the intensity and the number of observations received.