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Earthquakes near Newdigate, Surrey, 2018

Installing an additional monitoring station near Gatwick.

Between 1st April and 18th July, we have detected twelve seismic events in the Newdigate, Surrey area.

To locate earthquakes we use a process a bit like triangulation. For the first earthquakes the closest sensors were over 60km away leading to large uncertainties about the location and particularly their depth.

In mid-July we deployed two sensors (RUSH, HORS) close to the earthquakes in mid-July. These recorded four earthquakes on 18 July and we were able to use this data to reduce the uncertainty in the calculated location for these events and show that they occurred at a shallow depth. We installed another three sensors (GATW, STAN, BRDL) at the end of July to further improve the capability of the network. Having a very high density of sensors like this in the area will give us a very high degree of accuracy in detecting and classifying earthquakes, should more occur.

We're also continuing to examine the entire data set from March onwards in greater detail.

We are aware there is public concern over human activities, a number of which are capable of producing earthquakes. We are not able to say if there is a connection between oil and gas activities, or any other man-made activities, and the events.

Further work may be able to determine if any connection exists. As an independent and impartial provider of geospatial data we hope that our continuing high quality real-time seismic monitoring will produce a comprehensive and open data-set. We will continue to analyse this data as the situation develops allowing us and anyone else to investigate the causal factors of these events.

BGS's seismic monitoring provides an impartial source of earthquake data and calculated earthquake magnitude and location. Data from our stations are viewable on the real-time seismograms page of our website.

The BGS publishes detected events on our website page 'Earthquakes around the British Isles in the last 50 days'.

Earthquake locations